Talking about slang (PDF)

Computers & the Internet: writing/speaking exercise with pictures & vocabulary (PDF)

What do companies do? work sheet. Talking
about companies & products (PDF)

Getures:kissing, hugging and shaking hands worksheet (PDF)

Telling stories vocabulary, pictures & speaking
exercise (PDF)

Discussing power worksheet (PDF)

Useful things vocab. & questions (PDF)

Talking about annoyances (PDF)

Talking about success (PDF)

Hurry,rush collocations with  vocabulary
and speaking exercise (PDF)

Explaining accidents (PDF)

Talking about fashion, trends and hobbies (PDF)

Talking about restaurant problems - worksheet

Talking about cities (PDF)

Travel problems vocabulary and  speaking exercise  (PDF)

Booking a room at a hotel-picture dialogue (PDF)

Talking about office problems (PDF)

Pictures for short roleplays in random business
& everyday situations (PDF)Informative speech worksheet (PDF)

Speech outline worksheet (PDF)

First and Last: A speaking activity (PDF)

Discussion communication activity- editing
a magazine (PDF)

Find someone who..activity (PDF)

New Friends bingo for students (PDF)

Language function (compare,cause/effect,
chronology) question cards (PDF)

Eternal Mingle: a first meeting icebreaker activity

Elementary Speaking and icebreaker activities for ESL Teachers

Frequency Adverb Drill

Timed Pair Practice for Fluency

Find someone who... likes and dislikes. An ESL speaking activity

Tic tac toe game for routines

There is/there are speaking exercise & game

Story circle: to foster good group dynamics and learning to listen and to relate to each other with respect

Speaking & discussion activities for specific themes (pre-intermediate and above)

ESL vocabulary exercise & discussion questions
for the environment (PDF)

Fashion vocabulary exercise & discussion
questions (PDF)

"What people do for fashion" discussion worksheet

Questionable statements discussion (word)

TV survey and discussion exercise (word)

Debatable statements (word)

Consumer Complaint Menu Roleplay

Cool Jobs - A Debate Roleplay Lesson Plan

Celebrities and their contribution to society
speaking lesson

Interview your partner,roleplay & survey exercises

Introductions conversation (PDF)

Giving opinions about  everyday topics (PDF)

Getting to know you (PDF)

Celebrity interview roleplay worksheet (PDF)

Personality vocabulary survey (PDF)

Comparing people: speaking & writing exercise (PDF)

Job interview & writing worksheet (PDF)

Lifestyle survey lesson  (PDF

Giving advice & practicing modal verbs speaking
activity (PDF)

Chef interview roleplay  worksheet (PDF)

School timetable interview (word)

Giving opinions about  sports (PDF)

Giving opinions about the weather (PDF)

Giving opinions about the city (PDF

Finding a roommate discussion & speaking
exercise (PDF)

Introduction & interview on familiar topics (PDF)

A collection of esl survey worksheets  incl.
topics such as dating, alcohol, shopping, marriage
sports (PDF)

Conversation starter question sheet (PDF)

Shopping vocabulary/discussion exercise (PDF)

Personal information questions (PDF)

Interview your classmate about his/her life (PDF)

Dream survey (PDF)

Sentence Starters

Expressing yourself (PDF)

Fifty Reflective Sentence Starters (PDF)

Travel sentence starters (PDF)

Short list of sentence starters (PDF)

Student A/Student B pairwork speaking

Ask the right questions (PDF)

Ask your partner questions to complete the chart (PDF)

Asking about habits (PDF)

Asking about the future (PDF)

Pairwork interview exercise (PDF)

University schedule info gap exercise (PDF)

How long does the ferry take ? (PDF)

What are you going to do this weekend? (PDF)

Grammar/language related speaking activities for ESL classrooms

Urban complaints guided conversation lesson (PDF)

Expressing likes and dislikes with  gerunds &
infinitves worksheet (Word)

Jobs & adjectives partner interview worksheet (PDF)

What do YOU think about....? describing situations
speaking lesson using -ed adjectives

Group speaking exercise for debate expressions

Pairwork speaking activity for discussing probability in the future

Adjective class survey lesson

Find someone who... is interested or interesting. An ESL speaking activity

Have you ever..? interview exercise: get with a partner and share some of those painful memories.

Guessing game for large groups with pictures for present continuous

Speaking  activities for ESL classes (pre-intermediate and above)

Selecting a Venue for a Business Conference
& Selecting the Employee of the Year
speaking exercises (PDF)

Finish the Sentence

Discussion cues: Giving opinions with feeling