Vocabulary sorting

American (US) vs British(UK) English vocabulary (PDF)

Personality vocabulary sorting (PDF)

Sports vocabulary sorting worksheet (PDF)

Illness vs symptons vocabulary (PDF)

Intercultural tourism vocabulary sorting worksheet (PDF)

Identity & crime vocabulary (PDF)

More advanced vocabulary
(IELTS, TOEIC or TOEFL practice)

Academic vocabulary exercises (PDF)

Elements of contemporary environment
vocabulary (PDF)

Financial crisis vocabulary worksheet (PDF)

Global issues vocabulary-advanced (PDF)

Elements of advertising vocabulary worksheet (PDF)

Vocabulary for elections & democracy (PDF)

Word building & word formation exercises & worksheets

Sample vocabulary building exercise

"Doer" and "place" suffixes (PDF)

A range of  suffix/prefix exercises (PDF)

Basic suffix or prefix worksheet (PDF)

Vocabulary strategy: context clues exercise (PDF)

Prefix/suffix compete the word worksheet (PDF)

Building up words and breaking them down
worksheets (PDF)

Suffixes -tion, -ision, -ssion, -cian incl.
changing verbs into nouns exercises (PDF)

Noun forming suffixes worksheet (PDF)

Using prefixes & suffixes to find the meaning of
a word (PDF)

Suffix quiz (PDF)

Suffix/Prefix reference guides/lists

Most common prefixes/suffixes with meanings (PDF)

Vocabulary lists

Confusing words/misspelled words list (PDF)

Vocabulary of the senses lists (PDF)

Feeling, attitude, emotion and heart words (PDF)

Thematic/topical vocabulary worksheets

Academic vocabulary workbook (81 page PDF)

Great variety of vocabulary & collocation worksheets
-advanced (PDF)

Ways for ESL Teachers to Use the Vocabulary Banks

Vocabulary Word Maps for Learning and Remembering.....

Vocabulary Word Map (PDF)

From Word to word: ESL brainstorming idea

Word Map (PDF)

Vocabulary chart