Pronunciation of final "ed"

Put the past  tense verbs in the correct columns
according to their final "ed" sound (PDF)

Put the verbs in the correct columns (PDF)

Simple Past Tense Regular Verbs - ed  Pronunciation

Pronunciation worksheet (PDF)

Pronunciation worksheet- final -ed (PDF)

Pronunciation of regular past tense verbs (PDF)

Pronouncing ed endings (PDF)

3 ways to pronounce ed (PDF)

Past Simple: Pronunciation of Regulars exercise

Past tense sounds puzzle (pdf)

Pronunciation of final "s"
Third person s worksheet (PDF)

Pronunciation of Final /-s/ and /-es/  worksheet (PDF)

Final /s/ with nouns exercise (PDF)

Pronunciation of  final  /s/ lesson plan (PDF)

Other pronunciation Worksheets

Pronunciation worksheets for many sounds- look for the PDF links in each section (PDF)

" th" sound: a number of exercises  (PDF)

"th" sound worksheet (PDF)

"th" sound practice worksheet (PDF)

"s/sh/ch" exercises and. tongue twisters (PDF)

Vowel sounds & spelling quiz (PDF)

Pronunciation quiz for  /s/,/sh/, /z/ (PDF)

Worksheets for "ch", "ph", "th", "wh" etc (PDF)

Pairwork pronunciation correction activity (PDF)

Odd 1 out: vowels  (PDF)

Short & long vowels exercise (PDF)

Discussion questions for speaking activity
about pronunciation (PDF)

Pronunciation practice exercises (final 's' final 'ed')

sh sound-beginning, middle &end of words (PDF)

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ph sound (PDF)

ch  vs  sh  worksheet ( 3 page PDF)

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Inflection/Intonation Skits