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Repeat afterUS Online library with the best collection of copyright-free English texts and scripted recordings.

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More links (Ohio esl)

Voa news (special english site)

Poetry Listening site

English listening lounge

English for Specific Purposes
English for Health Professionals

Family Health Radio (Real Player)

Lots of short lectures on health topics.Excellent listening material for advanced students or english for specific purposes such as nurses or health professionals.

Career Advice
A Fascinating Lecture on Electronic Resumes

Professional English
This is an amazing audio resource worth exploring.

Literary Listenings

MP3 Children's Stories

Great site including  readings by famous actors from books such as "Lord of the Rings".

Developing a listening lesson based on communicative principles (pdf)

eViews audio is designed for TEACHERS and SCHOOLS of English as  a Second or Foreign Language(ESL/EFL)