English Language & ESL Lessons for (Public) Health Literacy
Education & Communication Skills

Common health problems vocabulary worksheet

Elements of health services vocabulary (PDF)

Health problems vocabulary and conversation
worksheet (PDF)

Everyday health & appointment conversations & pics worksheet (PDF)

Illness & symptoms vocabulary word sorting worksheet (PDF)

Ailments vocabulary & picture matching
exercises & giving advice (PDF)

Talking about health & the body (PDF)

Jobs for people in medicine worksheet (PDF)

Needles & giving  injections vocabulary
worksheet (PDF)

Talking about blood vocabulary worksheet
& answers (PDF)

ESL measuring medicine lesson incl. vocabulary
& other exercises (PDF)

Describing pain  & symptoms worksheets (PDF)

Body parts, symptoms & injuries exercises (PDF)

Actions, feelings & things health word sorting (PDF)

Symptoms vocabulary handout maker with pictures

Medicine labels, emergencies & treatment
worksheets (PDF)

Lungs: easy quiz using pics (PDF)

How to draw blood:pictures of process (PDF)

English for Laboratory Biomedicine Students
(human body exercises-lots of interesting & useful stuff-58 page PDF)

A collection of dialogs on health topics

Working in a laboratory: pictures & present
continuous worksheet (PDF)

Worksheets & exercises for parts of the body, symptons (15 page PDF)

Health and illness : questions for a speaking/ discussion class

Intermediate health & body care worksheets (PDF)

How to Read a Prescription Drug Label
worksheet (PDF)

Health: accidents and emergencies (PDF)

Casualities worksheets -good pics (PDF)

Picture Stories for Adult ESL Health Literacy

Describing Symptons

Doctor/patient Dialogues

Doctor/patient dialogue and symptoms
vocabulary (PDF)

At the doctor's office vocabulary/dialogue
worksheets (PDF)