ESL lessons /activities for teaching public health and safety

Elements of Public Health vocabulary exercise (PDF)

Safety  equipment vocabulary worksheet (PDF)

Lab safety dictation exercises (PDF)

Workplace safety worksheets (PDF)

Workplace Lesson Idea: Safety on the Job incl.
PPE ..Personal Protection Equipment pictures (PDF)

A collection of dialogs on safety topics

Working in a laboratory: pictures & present
continuous worksheet (PDF)

Jobs for people in medicine worksheet (PDF)

Microwave Safety crossword puzzle (PDF)
Answers (here)(PDF)

Advanced ESL lesson for First Aid Vocabulary

Lab safety quiz  with answers(PDF)

Health and safety unit incl. PPE (PDF)

ESL  worksheets for "How to avoid home accidents"

Photograph scenarios and discussion questions (PDF) re electrical public safety (PDF-slow download)

ESOL workbook for caring (PDF)

Worksheets for stress (PDF)

ESL Lessons for Emergencies

Health: accidents and emergencies (PDF)

ESL casualities and accidents  worksheets -good pics (PDF)

Writing about safety on a busy street lesson-
with good pics (PDF)

The Storm gapfill (PDF)

How to  avoid home accidents (PDF)

ESL Lessons for Environmental Health

Intermediate ESL exercises for environmental problems  (PDF)

Environmental Learning Activities for ESL
including recycling,reusing and hazardous
materials (PDF)

Student  handouts and teaching exercises for
What are the Health Impacts of Air Pollution (PDF)

Pollution vocabulary exercise (PDF)

Recycling quiz (PDF)

How to recycle-muliple choice quiz (PDF)

Recycling lesson using  scrambled pictures (PDF)

Trash & the environment vocabulary &
comprehension exercises(PDF)