Brainstorming/ vocabulary/speaking exercises for the environment

Elements of contemporary environment
vocabulary (PDF)

Brainstorming environmental issues
worksheet (PDF)

Endangered species vocabulary & speaking
worksheet with pictures (PDF)

Environment Island lesson (PDF)

Giving opinions about the weather (PDF)

Weather vocabulary dictation exercises with
pictures (PDF)

Weather vocabulary pronunciation exercise (PDF)

Brainstorming the environment: what you can do (jpg)

Recycling exercises and worksheets

Elementary recycling vocabulary, matching etc worksheets (PDF)

Recycling lesson using  scrambled pictures (PDF)

Recycling activity worksheets for young learners (PDF)

How to recycle-muliple choice quiz (PDF)

Multiple choice recycling quiz with answers (PDF)

Vocabulary match and scramble worksheet (PDF)

Climate change lessons and teaching ideas

Climate change quiz:multiple choice (PDF)

Weather & the environment crossword  w.
answers (PDF)

Air pollution & global warming lessons

Air pollution and acid rain lessons

Why study air pollution? lessons guide incl.
air pollution true-false quiz p.28-29 (PDF)

Student  handouts and teaching exercises for
What are the Health Impacts of Air Pollution (PDF)

Global warming reading/vocabulary

Surveys, questionnaires and ranking
exercises etc. for  environmental /ecological lessons for teachers

Global change survey ( Word see p.25 )

Global environmental issue lesson plans & vocabulary; pollution, the weather, recycling etc.

Trash & the environment vocabulary &
comprehension exercises(PDF)

Environmental Learning Activities for ESL
including recycling,reusing and hazardous
materials (PDF)

Pollution vocabulary exercise (PDF)

Related Dialogues: Saving the Earth

A Greener World (Monologue)

Vocabulary for ecology/the environment

The Environment Vocabulary Exercise at Auto-English

Environmental Issues Vocabulary and Terminology

Forces of Nature Vocabulary Quiz