Social issues lessons

Controversial topics worksheet (PDF)

Giving opinions speaking activity about technology
& modern life (PDF)

Talking about fashion, trends and hobbies (PDF)

Fashion vocabulary exercise & discussion
questions (PDF)

Vocabulary and language for

Using quantifiers to give opinions PDF)

Personalized opinion giving exercises

Expressing likes and dislikes worksheet (Word)

Giving opinions: adjectives -ed -ing (PDF)

Discussion cues: Giving opinions with feeling

Idioms - Personal Feelings and Opinions #2

Lessons & activities for teaching discussions

Cool Jobs - A Debate Roleplay Lesson Plan for ESL teachers
This is a debate lesson for large classes, keeping
everyone involved

Debate Lesson Plan-This activity is set in the context of a meeting, in which the participants (the whole class) are discussing the proposed development of a new shopping centre where they live.

Legalize it ! (PDF)

Men and Women - Equal at Last?

Negotiation Tactics (see lesson 2) intermediate

Moonstruck! Does The Full Moon Control Behavior?
(great topic!)

First World Debate Lesson

Speaking activities for debates, discussions and giving opinions

4 corner debate lesson (PDF)

ESL lesson plan for debates & discussions
including common expressions

Controlled  elementary  opinion giving ESL discusion activity using determiners/quantifiers.

Controlled pre-intermediate-intermediate speaking activity for transitional debate expressions

Speaking activities including mini-debate and
controversial statements

Two Minute Debates: In this activity, the teacher sets a topic and students debate it in pairs.

Mini-debate: Choose an issue: Here's a simple idea to spark free conversation among adults reluctant to talk.

Finish the sentence

Yes but dialogue game

More ideas for debates

There are 2 sides to every story