C ustoms,lies
and gestures
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2. Model  and play
For this variation on "liar" games you need to get a list of
     gestures & customs for  a number of countries from around the world.
                                   ( Search Google)

                                  You could do this as a multiple choice game or a true-false game.
                                  Also you will need LIAR cards, 3 per person. (This is worth
                                  the effort for one of the best speaking games on the planet.
                                  and if you've ever done a LIAR game this is possibly THE    BEST
The game goes like this:
                                  The teacher writes a model on the board

                                  IN AUSTRIA
                                  A)DON"T PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR LAP UNDER THE
                                  TABLE IN A RESTAURANT

                                  B)WEARING GREEN SHIRTS ON SUNDAY IS IMPOLITE.

                                  C) TO CALL A WAITER IN A RESTAURANT YOU SHOULD
                                  RAISE YOUR INDEX FINGER.

                                  Tell the students to choose which one is a lie (obviously
                                  B is a lie).
                                  Next the students write their own two truths and one lie using the
                                  slips of paper containing customs from "The web of culture"
                                  as their resource/reference.
                                  Finally, give out three liar cards per person. Then model
                                  the game again having a student read their 3 sentences.
                                  You the teacher listen and hold out your LIAR card saying
                                  "I think B is a lie"  If you are correct give the student the LIAR
                                  card. If you are incorrect no change takes place.
                                  The aim of the game is to have no LIAR cards.