ESL teaching worksheets, exercises & ideas for requests

Making polite requests worksheet with pictures (PDF)

Making polite requests worksheet 2 (PDF)

Classroom requests exercise (PDF)

Husband-wife  complaing/request roleplay (PDF)

Making requests lesson (PDF)

Asking permission & making requests (PDF)

Asking for permission & help worksheet (PDF)

Can, could, may- requests & permission (PDF)

Making requests & asking for permission
exercises (PDF)

Modals of permission (PDF)

Modal verbs of permission and ability worksheet (PDF)

Giving Recommendations & Opinions (PDF)

Telephoning & request picture worksheet (PDF)

A collection of request & complaint dialogs

Talking about requests (PDF)

Staying out late lesson (PDF)

Borrow and lend vocabulary worksheet (PDF)

Borrow/lend exercise (PDF)

Picture card cues for making requests (PDF)

Direct/indirect questions quiz (PDF)

Lesson Plan for  'Could I + inf' and 'Could you + inf' as polite requests for Hotel English

Reported speech worksheet (PDF)

Embedded/indirect questions (PDF)

Polite requests lesson plan (PDF)

Requests at work quiz

Requests & Roleplaying

Complete the complaint letter exercise
(see p. 4) (PDF)

Writing a complaint letter: sample
product complaint letter

Product complaint letter layout (PDF)

Customer service lessons, questionnaires and surveys

Take the Fear Out of Handling Complaints (article)

Kitchen products customer questionnaire(PDF)

Complaint customer satisfaction questionnaire (PDF)

Examples of strategies you may consider using
with difficult Customers (PDF)

Customer service dialongue - Dealing with Complaints