Classroom & student surveys, questionnaires and ranking exercises

Getting to know you survey (PDF)

Family/relationship survey (PDF)

Lifestyle survey lesson with pictures (PDF)

Tourism & travel survey speaking & writing lesson (PDF)

Food/restaurant class survey (PDF)

Giving advice & practicing modal verbs speaking
activity (PDF)

Personality vocabulary survey (PDF)

Another  lifestyle survey lesson  (PDF)

Predictions survey worksheet for the classroom (PDF)

Survey for favorite restaurant (PDF)

A collection of esl survey worksheets  incl.
topics such as dating, alcohol, shopping, marriage
sports (PDF)

Fashion questionnaire

Identity theft questionnaire (word)

Ranking exercise worksheets for fast food &
fast food restaurants (PDF)

Personal qualities  priority ranking exercise (PDF)

Dream survey (PDF)

How long will that litter last?
Ranking exercise with teacher's guide (PDF)

Rank the following celebrities for their contribution to society -discussion lesson

Ranking  exercise on social issues & problems

Student survey on Climate Change

Global change survey ( Word see p.25 )

Useful community & local environment surveys and questionnaires for teachers

Exploring Air Issues: A Community Survey (PDF)

Community survey (incl. ranking exercise)(PDF)

Park & public spaces survey worksheet : very cool
(1 page PDF)

Resident in  neighborhood survey

Classroom questions for talking about
money & consumerism

Banking survey (PDF)

ESL Conversation Questions - Money

Where does your money go survey?

ESL conversation questions: money &  shopping

Book buying habits questionnaire

Sport & leisure questionnaires & surveys for English language students

Conversation questions for sport

Book buying habits questionnaire

Questions about pets, television etc

Sleep and dream surveys & questions
for students

Conversation Questions: Sleep and Dreams

Sleep & Dream Survey!