2. Create a Gallery
1. Present a model
3. FChoose the      best answer
Peter Snashall Copyright 1999
Find the correct sentence

   a)  The atmosphere is being destroyed by air pollution.
   b)  The atmosphere has being destroyed by air pollution.
   c)  The atmosphere has destroyed by air pollution.
This is a good exercise when you want
to review a lot of grammar.  Write a
couple multiple choice questions on the board and ask the students to choose the best answer. Then distribute  grammar
pages from the textbook around the class and tell the students to do as you have
done...writing a multiple choice question.
Go around the class and help the students.
Also put numbers on their papers so the
gallery is numbered up to how many  students
are in the class.  When they start finishing
put the  questions up on the wall.
Finally, tell the students to get another piece of  paper  and walk round the "gallery"
looking at the questions  and write down
the answers    Question  1) a
                     Question  2) c
                     Question  3) a   ....etc.
When everyone has gone  around and
selected answers go over them  as a class.
Find the correct  response

How long has this school been set up?

   a)  From 1980 to 2000.

   b)  Since 1980

   c)   For 20 years ago.