What's happening in the picture ?

What are they doing ? (daily routines) (PDF)

What are they doing (general) (PDF)

What are they doing? (classroom scene ) (PDF)

Writing & asking questions about pictures
worksheets (PDF)

Speaking test using picture of people in office
and questions (PDF)

Which picture is it about? Writing sentences

Pic/sentence prediction for present continuous

Picture story exercises

Picture stories  for "Money Talks" topics (PDF)

Adapting a picture story

Workplace visual aids, drawings
and pictures for ESL and other
language teachers
ESL exercises (with pictures) for describing houses using language for household objects, adjectives, problems, pests & complaints (PDF)

"Find the hazards" in the workplace pics  (PDFs)

Great office equipment vocab pictures and matching exercise p69-70 (PDF)

Other picture-based exercises

Partial Pictures teaching idea

Lesson Plan- Describing Picture Scenes

Picture Sentence Teacher Worksheets: elementary

Cartoons for the classroom archive

Cartoon analysis worksheet (PDF)

Comic Creator: online tool for composing  comic strips

Catchy Captions: Students write captions for pictures

Pic Tac ToeA fun visual-linguistic lesson plan for presenting,reviewing and comparing verb tenses

Adjective Gallery

Picture Stories and Thought Groups

Activities round a Group Picture

Improving writing through the use of  imagery

Superlative island

Pictures as Icebreakers: Optical

Einstein/ Monroe illusion (PDF)

Memory picture cards for students

Printable memory cards: various themes incl.
body parts, nutrition etc.

More ideas for teaching with pictures

Teaching ideas for using pictures

Fun with pictures idea