What's happening in the picture ?

What are they doing ? (daily routines) (PDF)

What are they doing (general) (PDF)

What are they doing? (classroom scene ) (PDF)

Describe the picture-seaside scene (PDF)

Writing & asking questions about pictures
worksheets (PDF)

Speaking test using picture of people in office
and questions (PDF)

Describe a busy street scene (PDF)

Describe a supermarket scene (PDF)

Beach scene pic for present continuous (Part 6)

Which picture is it about? Writing sentences

Pic/sentence prediction for present continuous

Picture story exercises

Burglars: picture story exercise (PDF)

Picture stories  for "Money Talks" topics (PDF)

Adapting a picture story

Workplace visual aids, drawings
and pictures for ESL and other
language teachers
ESL exercises (with pictures) for describing houses using language for household objects, adjectives, problems, pests & complaints (PDF)

"Find the hazards" in the workplace pics  (PDFs)

Building basics lessons with lots of excellent  drawings of  work related themes incl.
construction equipment, gardens, painting, plumbing(PDFs)

Great office equipment vocab pictures and matching exercise p69-70 (PDF)

Other picture-based exercises
Using pictures to teach attention getters
for writing essays (PDF)

Picture dictation lesson guide

Partial Pictures teaching idea

Lesson Plan- Describing Picture Scenes

Picture Sentence Teacher Worksheets: elementary

Cartoons for the classroom archive

Cartoon analysis worksheet (PDF)

Comic Creator: online tool for composing  comic strips for a variety of contexts (prewriting, pre- and postreading activities, response to literature, and so on)

Catchy Captions: Students write captions for pictures cut from newspapers and then match the real captions to the pictures.

Pairwork with (educational) pictures
Find the differences between the pictures

Pic Tac ToeA fun visual-linguistic lesson plan for presenting,reviewing and comparing verb tenses

Partial Pictures: To consolidate asking and answering "What is this?"

Adjective Gallery

Picture Stories and Thought Groups

Activities round a Group Picture

Improving writing through the use of  imagery

Ideas for using pictures for  ESL teachers

Superlative island

Pictures as Icebreakers: Optical

Activities using the eyes (PDF)

Einstein/ Monroe illusion (PDF)

Sample illusions pictures (PDF)

Memory picture cards for students

Printable memory cards: various themes incl.
body parts, nutrition etc.

More advanced picture  teaching ideas for teachers

Speaking task: Compare and contrast 2 pictures, commenting on the damage that mankind has caused to our planet (word)

More ideas for teaching with pictures

Photograph scenarios and discussion questions (PDF)

Teaching ideas for using pictures

Fun with pictures idea