Past Tense "ed" Sounds

Past tense final sounds "t" "d" "ed"

Confused, perplexed, irritated? -ed ain't so EZ

Past Simple: Pronunciation of Regulars

Past tense sounds puzzle (pdf)

Past tense sounds

simple past

Learning The Past Tense

Fun with Calendars #1Concepts: future or past tense



ESL Lessons & Teaching Ideas for Past Tense

Teaching Past tense

Find Someone Who (Template Word Document)

Past Tense Story gap-fill (PDF)

Vacation Brainstorm

Take a Trip Lesson

Champagne Story

Past tense with role play

Past tense card activity

Past tense Tic-Tac-Toe (PDF)

Past tense strip stories

Story  activity

Find a lie

conversationcards re
entertainment present/past

Past simple/video

mystery story lesson plans

Retelling a story

Past Tense Lesson for writing including story frames(PDF see p.12-16)

Verb Lists for ESL Students
Verb Chart

Parts of  verbs chart and exercises

Verb chart  worksheet

Irregular verbs

Irregular verb list

Irregular Verbs, American English

Comprehensive verb chart (PDF)