Personality/feelings adjectives exercises

Feelings adjectives with pictures worksheet (PDF)

Kinds of people worksheet with pictures (PDF)

Personality vocabulary positive/negative worksheet

Personality vocabulary  & dictation exercises
using pictures (PDF)

Complete these sentences. Use the personality adjectives above (PDF)

Describing your colleagues (PDF)

Personality adjective activity (PDF)

Handout  maker for  feelings adjectives

Ed/ing adjectives for ESL teachers

Ed/ing adjectives worksheet (PDF)

Ed/ing adjectives  list

Emotional Memories (questions with adjectives to talk or write about)  (word doc)

Giving Opinons: A fun worksheet focusing on Giving Opinons, using adjectives with –ed and –ing. (PDF)

What do YOU think about....? describing situations
speaking lesson using -ed adjectives

Adjectives ending in -ing and -ed: write the correct form of the adjective in the box.

Ed/ing adjectives list divided into  cause and receiver of feeling

Participial Adjectives (ed/ing) quiz

Ed/ing adjectives: good exercise for speaking (Word doc.)

Adjectives with -ing / -ed: What word do you need to complete the sentence?

Comparatives/comparison contrast / superlative exercises

Comarative adjective sorting exercise (PDF)

Writing comparison sentences

Superlative adjective speaking activity (PDF)

Comparing people exercise (PDF)

Adjective quiz (PDF)

Comparative adjectives worksheet (PDF)

Comparative adjectives & sentences worksheet (PDF)

Let's compare- adjective rules worksheet (PDF)

Comparative adjectives word sorting (PDF)

Comparative adjectives writing to compare
pictures exercise (PDF)

Comparatives worksheet (PDF)

Complete the Comparative and Superlative Adjective Chart (PDF)

Complete the advertisements with comparatives (PDF)

Advanced making comparisons worksheet (PDF)

Comparatives test worksheet (PDF)

Comparisons speaking activity

Teaching ideas and speaking tasks for
comparatives and superlatives

Teaching Comparatives to ESL students

Comparatives and superlatives through pictures

Comparatives/superlatives worksheet (PDF)

Comparatives and Superlatives

Comparison of adjectives and letter-writing: gap fill

Comparison Contrast Topics and Lesson Plan(Model:Comparisons (similarities) between learning to write and learning to play an instrument)