Introductory exercises for argumentative/opinion/
persuasive essay writing for  teachers and students

Brainstorming for an opinion or argumentative essay

Opinion paragraph  exercise: lotteries (PDF)

Writing counter argument sentences (PDF)

Controversial topics idea writing worksheet (PDF)

Opinions & anecdotes  practice worksheet (PDF)

Quotations & statistics practice worksheet (PDF)

Giving opinions about university life (PDF)

Problem-solution essay worksheet (PDF)

Opinion essay transition exercises (PDF)

Transition word exercises for opinion essays (PDF)

Persuasive essay: introductory paragraph
exercise (PDF)

Writing attention getters for persuasive essays

Argument transitions & structure exercises
(see Guage Your Understanding Exercises -
very cool !)

Advantages/disadvantages & opinions transitions
& sentences exercises (PDF)

Opinion Paragraph Exercises

Opinion paragraph worksheet: uniforms (PDF)

Opinion paragaph: teenagers (PDF)

Opinon paragraph: homework (PDF)

Opinion paragraph outline (PDF)

Ideas & Exercises for Specific Topics for Opinion/Argumentative Essays

Brainstorming social trends (PDF)

Brainstorming hairstyles (PDF)


Renting vs owning (PDF)

Pros/cons of alcohol worksheet (PDF)

Advantages & disadvantages: paragraph and
essay writing lesson (word)

Pre-writing activity: Pros and Cons of Chatrooms (PDF)

Essay Pre-writing activity:Working part-time vs
studying full-time (PDF)

Pre-writing activity: Pros and Cons of  Online Dating (PDF)

Arguments for and against  school uniforms

Other Exercsises for Opinions

Short writing exercises: giving or receiving (PDF)

Debatable statements: Read the following statements, discuss them and try to reach an agreement.

Various opinion matching  exercises-worksheet
with answers (PDF)

Giving Opinons: A fun worksheet focusing on Giving Opinons, using adjectives with –ed and –ing. (PDF)

Writing opinions about personal problems (PDF)

Fact vs Opinion Exercises

Fact vs opinion graphic organizer (PDF)

Fact vs opinion quiz- 15 statements (PDF)

2 level fact vs opinion exercises (PDF)