Graphic Organizers/Pre-Writing Ideas
and Essay Writing Resources for teachers

Brainstorm worksheet: cluster diagram (PDF)

Essay outline worksheet (PDF)

Outline worksheet for an academic paragraph (PDF)

Holt Rinehart and Winston samples: Graphic Organizers
(one of the most  useful resources  on the Net for encouraging critical thinking foracademic essays)

More Graphical Organizers for Essays

Topic,support sentences, attention getters for essay and paragraph writing

Using pictures to teach attention getters (PDF)

Attention getters worksheet (PDF)

Writing essay topic sentences (PDF)

Topic sentences worksheet (PDF)

Writing different kinds of essay support sentences (PDF)

Write support sentences (PDF)

Writing main ideas practice- with picture cues (PDF)

Topic, support and concluding  sentences xercises for paragraph writing:  (PDF)

Exercises for topic sentences (PDF)

Writing support sentences for an opinion paragraph
about television with pictures (PDF)

Writing topic sentences and  detail sentences
lesson (PDF)

Paragraph writing terminology quiz (PDF)

Find the topic sentence worksheet (PDF)

Writing exciting topic sentences (PDF)

Write a topic sentence for each of these paragraphs.

Match topic sentences to the paragraphs (PDF)

Write and find topic sentences (PDF)

Writing exciting paragraphs (PDF)

Fill in each blank with the topic sentence (word)

Put a ring around the letter that corresponds to what you think is the topic sentence(PDF)

Write topic sentences for paragraphs-business
related (PDF)

One sentence in each of the following pairs is the topic sentence. (PDF)

Concluding sentences quiz (PDF)

Concluding sentences worksheet with answers (word)

Concluding sentences exercise (word)

Knowledge about concluding sentences quiz (PDF)

Choose the correct concluding sentences

Other exercises for introductions, attention getters/grabbers / leads /hooks

Writing attention getters for persuasive essays

Attention getters guide (PDF)

Writing Your Introduction: 4 styles with examples

9 ways of  "getting the reader’s attention"